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In my Wedding Budget post, I mentioned that I purchased or made large items to rent out. Here is what I've got!


This bar is on wheels and made from barn wood. It has one big open shelf, perfect for keeping coolers or boxes of wine. It measures 8ft x 3ft and is a little over 4ft tall - just the right size to wheel right through the door.

This bar rents out for $250 - which includes delivery and pick-up. (Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas). I also let people use decorations to put on the bar FOR FREE! You can see what I displayed on the bar for my wedding in the picture below, but I also have a lot of additional items to choose from. It's my little benefit for renting the bar from me 😉


I found that when you are providing your own alcohol at a wedding and have to hire your own bartender, it makes it so much easier to serve beer from a keg. Less mess and self serve. For my wedding, we had two kegerators going and it worked out great, but the bar was still busy. The only reason I needed two kegerators is because I wanted some local craft beers as well as a domestic beer option.

The kegerator rents out for $100 if you are renting the bar, and $150 if you are not. Delivery is also included.

Shown below is the kegerator that was purchased.

If you would rather purchase your own, here is the kegerator we bought.

Wine Barrels:

These have been my #1 rental! Wine barrels can fit so many different styles and be used for so many things. Seriously, have you checked Pinterest for wine barrels ideas? Don’t do it.

I considered renting wine barrels for our wedding, but it was $100 for ONE wine barrel when I looked into pricing. What?

So, despite what my husband thought (fiance at the time) I bought a couple of wine barrels. I rent out the set for $50 total. That’s $25 each.

However, if wine barrels are something that you will use in your home or for future events, you really should consider buying some! I bought mine at Menard’s, but there are plenty of places out there to buy from.

As you can see from the picture below, I used one of my barrels as the display area for our wedding favors.

Barn Doors:

Who doesn’t love a good barn door? But, unfortunately there is not always a good place to keep or store them. Sometimes renting is easier.

I built these specifically for our wedding to have as our cake table backdrop. They were built so they can be separated for easy moving, but are connected when set up so that they stand on their own.

These rent for $100 and again, include delivery and pick-up.

Guestbook Alternative Station:

For our guestbook alternative, we chose to do “postcards” so that people could write down either their wedding wishes, marriage advice or adventure ideas. We loved some of the feedback we received.

Included in this rental is the chalkboard sign and stand, the rotating postcard display and the mailbox which will be personalized accordingly. To rent the guestbook alternative set, it will be $60 and that INCLUDES the postcards as pictured. A discount will be given if you are providing your own postcards.

With my sisters wedding coming up in July, I will continue to add rental items. Check back to see what is available! If you are interested in renting anything or have questions, feel free to contact me!

Some items that I do not have pictures of yet, but are available are:

Wooden Lanterns
Wood Coins
Painted wood signs
Wash Tubs
Old Windows

If you are interested in renting more than one item, contact me for pricing. The more you rent, the cheaper each item becomes!

Happy wedding planning!


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