Sometimes we come across an item that we have absolutely no use for. That is what this toboggan was to me. A family friend was moving to another state and was tossing out old items. My mom called me and asked if I would have any use for some old chairs and a toboggan. My answer…Sure, why not?!

My husband does NOT feel the same way as I do about saving old treasures (unless it has to do with tractors or other farm equipment). So there my toboggan sat in our shed, collecting dust, giving my husband a reason to say “I told you it had no purpose” – But then it came time to decorate for Christmas and the light flickered in my head. It made it’s way from this spot to that spot and nothing seemed to fit. I had ideas for turning it into something else but I didn’t want to ruin the original piece. What if my kids want to actually use it some day?

I was sitting there deciding if I should make myself a “merry mail” holder or not to display our Christmas cards and while I was thinking about that it hit me…A Christmas card holder! I found a way to make my toboggan useful as well as keep it as is. I love how this looks!

Repurposed Toboggan

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