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How did we end up with goats?

Well, like most people, we received a goat as a wedding gift. It was decided that we needed a second one because goats are herd animals, so I planned on buying the second. It turned out the family we were buying them from had four left that they wanted to sell, so they offered us a deal that I couldn't turn down. I wanted four, my husband did not want four, so in the end we compromised and got four. I guess this is a good time to tell you that marriage is great so far! 😉

My original plan had been to name my two goats Johnny and June. I had extravagant plans to fix up their home and call it, "The Cash Cottage." Here we sit with four, so I had to make some revisions. Their home will now be, "The Country Cottage" and their names are Johnny, June, Waylon and Willie. Their shed renovation will be my first Spring project!


Ladies first, of course. Being the only female in the group, June can occasionally get picked on. But like most women, she stands her ground! The best way for me to describe June, would be to compare her to a dog. When I am out in the yard I’ll let them out so they can run around in a larger area. When I do this, June is typically on my heel. She also wags her little nub tail. This sweet girl is a favorite to some, which is especially easy to see when she receives her own Christmas card! 🙂


As I am writing this, it’s the dead of winter, so the first thing that comes to mind about Johnny is his killer perm! They all have a little curl in their winter coat, but his is especially noticeable. Did I happen to mention these are fainting goats? Well, they are. I have yet to see Johnny completely faint, but he does lock his front legs frequently. Which is good for when I am trying to catch them in the yard to put them back in their area because he tends to be a runner. If you ever drive by our place and I am outside running around in circles, it’s likely that I am trying to catch one of the goats.


Oh Willie. The runt of the group. He is by far the smallest, but tends to be the most fierce. By that I mean he goes around trying to bully the other goats. Have you ever seen a scuffle between goats? It’s really quite entertaining. It involves some head butting aaaaaaand that’s about it. Pretty BA. We came to the conclusion that Willie is trying to feel manly because he is the number one fainter. How would you feel if you were walking out in the morning to eat some breakfast and you just faint and fall off the ramp? I’d probably head butt my buddies too.


By far the LOUDEST of the group. It doesn’t matter if he has a pile of feed, hay or treats in front of him, if there is a person walking by they are going to know he is there! Like Johnny, he tends to lock up his front legs too. I would say Waylon is one of the sweetest, but man if you try to put him back in their lot when he is eating fresh grass he is going to run like his life depends on it.

My experience so far with our goats has been great. They are fun and friendly and I have a lot of friends/family members who like to come out and see them. It makes for an entertaining day on the farm! It doesn’t matter how young or old a person is, everyone finds some entertainment and joy out of them. I am excited to get started on their projects this spring and post updates!

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